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WWII bomb sight maker buys Cullom & Ghertner

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment
Norden bomb sight

Norden bomb sight

The Norden bomb sight was a tachometric device (which incorporated an analog/mechanical computer and linkage to the airplane’s autopilot) that was used by United States forces to help the crew drop bombs accurately on selected targets from high altitudes in ‘precision’ bombing raids.. It was first used in World War II by the US Army Air Corps and the US Navy. Victor Adding Machine Co. manufactured these during WWII.

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Lenny hoofed it to meet Jean

January 11, 2012 Leave a comment
Frances Jean Bloom

Jean Bloom abt 1939

Leonard Ghertner abt 1939

Leonard 1939

Frances Jean Bloom, whose home was Little Rock, Arkansas, ¬†attended school at Nashville’s Ward-Belmont College, a very prestigious ‘finishing school’ for girls, mostly from Middle Tennessee. It’s likely Leonard Cooper Ghertner was still living at his family’s home at 1702 Ashwood Avenue (after my birth, our family continued to live at that Ashwood Avenue address until I started first grade in the 1950s).

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