WWII Military Service Ghertner’s & Gerald’s brother-in-law

Personnel Records Destroyed

Leonard’s (and most likely his brother Gerald’s) military records were most likely destroyed in a 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center in St Louis; discussed here.

Leonard C. Ghertner

Leonard C. Ghertner (Serial Number 01 169 979) served in the United States Army Field Artillery in World War II. According to records obtained from Government Archives, his service began 17 Sep 1942. Leonard was sent overseas and on 31 March 1945 orders were cut ordering 1st Lt. Leonard C. Ghertner (and five other officers)

The orders were issued under the command of Brigader Genenral Koenig and signed by Allen Freeman,Assitant Adjutant General  The Distribution list called for no less than 107 copies be distributed as follows

DISTRIBUTION: 107 copies
CC to European to A. G. pers  2
CC to European to A. G. pers  2
CG to European to 8th Air Forces 25
EN officer concerned 15
CO to 10th Reinforcement Depot 50
AG Orders  1
AG Orders (ZI)  3
AG Records  1
201 File  6

His address of leave was Nashville, Tenenssee, which was his hometown. The Orders were signed by Allen Freeman, Assistant Adjutant General. First Lieutenant Ghertner was honorably discharged from the Army as a 1st Lieutenant on 27 Dec 1945. The abovementioned orders indicate his service was in the FA (field artillery). Leonard once said his friend Herb Shriner gave him extra ‘points’ (?)  so Lenny could ‘go home’. As the ‘points’ system didn’t kick in until VE day (7 May 1945) and Leonard was in Nashville on VE day, perhaps those ‘points’  kept him stateside rather than having to go fight in the Pacific.

Gerald H. Ghertner
Gerald H Ghertner

Gerald H Ghertner

Gerald Ghertner served in the United States Army during World War II in the European Theater and was wounded in the mouth by a German bullet.

Malcolm Magid

Gerald’s brother-in-law served with the Eight Air Force piloting a four engine heavy bomber(B-17 or B-24) in raids over German-occupied Europe.

Malcolm Magid abt 1935

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