See 3 generations of Grubers & Cohen’s

Leslie, his baby, his grandfather and Paul F Gruber

Leslie, his baby, his grandfather and Paul F Gruber

Paul Frederick Gruber (1897-1958) [picture of Paul] and Sarah Cohen (1899-?-) [picture of Sarah] had two children, Leslie Gilbert Gruber (1921-1977) and Harriett C Gruber (1924-). Sarah’s parents were Jacob Cohen (1879-? )[picture of Jacob] and Anna (1880-?) [picture of Anna].

(see more on Jake Cohen).

Leslie G Gruber

Leslie G Gruber

Paul Gruber, having been born in Jassey (also called Iaşi), Romania, came to the United States with his mother to join his father, Louis, who had already emigrated. Paul Gruber had a business that manufactured wooden barrels; a worker told him about the casket business so the company started making wooden caskets; Leslie worked there in summers and hated the heat & sawdust (in the air); Leslie swore he’d never work in the (wooden) casket business. Leslie  served in the United States Army in World War II and rose to the rank of Major. When Leslie went to war, he had given his father power of attorney over his accounts. Leslie earned decent pay in the Army but didn’t need it so the bank account grew. His father bought a metal casket company from Ohio. Leslie married in 1947, and his wife  survives him. Paul Gruber had a brother by the name of Herman whose wife was Anna.

Harriett Gruber married Melvin Goldberg (see 1947 photo below).

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