My name is Gary Ghertner and I’ve been researching my family’s genealogy for a decade. Numerous software packages have been employed and by virtue of the standardized GEDCOM file format I’ve been able to migrate with only a modest amount of effort. I consider myself the family historian, and if you want to help me with the research, writing  or scanning of photos & documents your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

In early, I 2011 discovered the resources at Ancestry.com; and have been overwhelmed by the information available through that resource from the comfort of home. I have discovered previously unknown facts (or shall I say conclusions drawn from historical records) that can best be shared on the web.

As many new facts are learned, I decided a blog would be a better way to track and share the ‘juicy details’ of my discoveries with family members than countless e-mails which can get lost or missed. This way all my finds are chronicled and indexed (by Tags) so even if you miss a post, it’s always accessible and searchable by the ‘name tag (e.g. Pappy, Solomon,etc). The search box (beside the top Menu) can help find names, cities, and words/parts of words (like ‘Army’,’boat’,’realtor’. ‘   Please subscribe for updates by clicking  ‘Follow‘ in the top of the sidebar to get e-mail notifications when there are new posts. You may also subscribe by RSS, the link is in the top of the right sidebar.

If you want to view the complete family tree which is currently on Ancestry, ask me for instructions to access that for free.

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