Grandchildren of Grace and Emma

Grandchildren of Grace and Emma

1) Lynton L. Scharff was married to Jessie Grace Block and they had two children; they divorced. After my grandfather John Bloom died in the 1935, my grandmother Emma Marie Block, married Lynton L. “Pappy” Scharff in 1938.  Emma and Grace were sisters so Grace’s children and Emma’s daughter (my mother), who were first cousins, became step-brother/sister. Imagine how the cousin stuff works between Grace & Pappy’s grandchildren and Emma’s grandchildren, shown here that means you see siblings, 1st cousins, 2nd cousins (because of common great grandparents) and step 1st cousins (because of the 1938 marriage).

2) Alven S. Ghertner told his son this story

Alven’s father, Simon Ghertner promised his good friend Alvin Friedman that he’d name his first born child, if it was a boy, after Alvin Friedman. Simon and Alvin had an argument but when the male child was born, Simon Ghertner kept his promise but changed the spelling to Alven.
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