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‘Circuit Riders’ .. Rabbis that is

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment
Communities with no Rabbi, 1912

Communities with no Rabbi, 1912

Part of the training for American Rabbinical students at all three Hebrew Union College campuses is to travel to under-served Jewish communities to conduct worship services. The Jewish Archives in Cincinnati has letters dated in the 1890s from the Hebrew Union College Administration to local congregations regarding placement of student Rabbis. When the program began, students only traveled for High Holy Day services. I have a copy of an 11 July 1912 letter sent to congregations with no Rabbi (twenty seven are listed  and 5 are crossed off). Camden, Arkansas and Port Gibson, Mississippi are on this list.

Congregations were started in Camden, Arkansas (1870 and named Beth El Emeth “House of God of Truth”) and Pine Bluff Arkansas (in 1866 and named Anshe Emeth “Men of Truth”). These communities flourished but later the Jewish populations declined.

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Lenny hoofed it to meet Jean

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Frances Jean Bloom

Jean Bloom abt 1939

Leonard Ghertner abt 1939

Leonard 1939

Frances Jean Bloom, whose home was Little Rock, Arkansas,  attended school at Nashville’s Ward-Belmont College, a very prestigious ‘finishing school’ for girls, mostly from Middle Tennessee. It’s likely Leonard Cooper Ghertner was still living at his family’s home at 1702 Ashwood Avenue (after my birth, our family continued to live at that Ashwood Avenue address until I started first grade in the 1950s).

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Given (first) names

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment
Eduard Lynton & Lynton Scharff

Eduard Lynton & Lynton Scharff

In Jewish families, it was customary to name children after their ancestors and we have continued that tradition. In our family tree we have deceased Solomon’s (4), Eduard’s (2), Avraham’s (2), Emile’s (3), Emma’s (2), Samuel’s (2), John’s (2), Lynton’s (2), Frank  Rickey’s (2) and more. For more see this Blog page.

Among Ashkenazim–that is, Jews of Central and Eastern European origin–the custom is to name the child after someone, usually a family member, >who has recently died. In most cases this is a grandparent or great-grandparent.

Charles A Bloom and Grace Rhine, my great grandparents

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Beginning with the 1920 US Census for Pine Bluff, Grace M. Bloom, enumerated as ‘widowed mother’ or the ‘head-of household’ with my grandparents, John R. Bloom and Emma Marie (Block) Bloom. Later, I found my grandfather, John Ryan Rhine Bloom, listed in the 1900 US Census for Pine Bluff, Read more…

My grandfather John R Bloom 1884 to 1935 and his ancestors

April 17, 2011 1 comment

When I became interested in my family’s genealogy a decade ago, there was no  living relative who remembered anything about my maternal grandfather except his, name … John Bloom.  With the resources of and (the Mormon Church genealogy site) and a clue from my ‘aunt’, I have discovered much more. Read more…