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Block’s jobs, some not so widely known

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Many  family members know that Joseph F “Bumpa” Block and Raymond and Sam Block started Block Realty. Few of us have any clue as to Pappy’s jobs.

  1. Lynton Lazarus ‘Pappy’ Scharff (husband of Grace & later Emma Block)
    Lynton Scharff (in the CCC)

    Lynton Scharff (in the CCC)

    • Office Clerk – Wholesale dry goods (1920 Census in Harris County Texas)
    • Real Estate dealer (1930 Census in Little Rock)
    • Civilian Conservation Corps, the CCC (part of FDR’s New Deal, a public relief work program for unemployed family men between 1933-1942)
  2. Solomon Block(Great grandfather of Jean Bloom)
    • Tobacco & liquor wholesaler-distributor with several stores (US Tax records)
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‘Cupid’s Dart’ announces Block-Levy nuptials

June 5, 2011 Leave a comment

J.F. Block and Fay Levy Betrothed

This press clipping (that their daughter, Em, had saved) states the reception was on Sunday Sep 20. and notes in the margin of the clipping indicate the wedding was 1884 or 1885. The Mormon Church genealogy website indicates Joseph F. Block and Fay Levy were married 24 Sep 1891. September 20 was a Sunday in 1885 and 1891. Fay Levy (b. 28 Sep 1873) was only 11 years old on 24 Sep 1885 so the 1891 date is more likely correct.  The reception from 3 to 9PM on Sunday 20 Sep 1891 preceded the 7AM (see below) wedding on Thursday 24 Sep 1891. Rabbi Charles Rubenstein served the B’Nai Israel Congregation from 1891 to 1897 ( see LeMaster page 61).

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Joseph F Block letter of 10 Mar 1942

May 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Read Joseph (“Bumpa”) F Block’s letter to Mae (PDF)

In the letter to Mae (now identified below) Uncle Joe says the Block family moved from Camden to old Mexico for a year of two during the Civil War and that his father (who was Solomon Block) owned ‘many Negro slaves’. According to the 1860 Slave Census (PDF) , Solomon Block owned 3 adult slaves and 5 children. Read more…

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