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Solomon & Mary Block’s memorial stones, Camden

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment
Solomon & Mary Block memorial

Solomon & Mary Block memorial

I found records at that Solomon Block and Mary Levinson Block (my great great grandparents) and Lena Grace Block, a younger sister of “Bumpa”, were buried at Jewish Rest Cemetery in Camden, Arkansas. (Also see International Jewish Cemetery Project). I was particularly interested in cemetery burial records, particularly for Mary L. Block who had passed in Chicago, Illinois but was buried in Camden, Arkansas six months later (see this).

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Block’s jobs, some not so widely known

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Many  family members know that Joseph F “Bumpa” Block and Raymond and Sam Block started Block Realty. Few of us have any clue as to Pappy’s jobs.

  1. Lynton Lazarus ‘Pappy’ Scharff (husband of Grace & later Emma Block)
    Lynton Scharff (in the CCC)

    Lynton Scharff (in the CCC)

    • Office Clerk – Wholesale dry goods (1920 Census in Harris County Texas)
    • Real Estate dealer (1930 Census in Little Rock)
    • Civilian Conservation Corps, the CCC (part of FDR’s New Deal, a public relief work program for unemployed family men between 1933-1942)
  2. Solomon Block(Great grandfather of Jean Bloom)
    • Tobacco & liquor wholesaler-distributor with several stores (US Tax records)
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Mary Levinson Block’s interment

November 30, 2011 2 comments

Mary Levinson Block (1837-1916), Solomon Block’s wife, passed away 11 July 1916 in Chicago. Census records show this likely was ‘our’ Mary Block and she had a journey in death.
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Youngest child of Solomon Block with photo!

November 29, 2011 2 comments

Charles Henry Block, 1921 passport photo

Charles Block was  four years old when he first appeared on a census roll and in 1880, the Solomon & Mary Block family were living in New Orleans, Louisiana. I found his full name was Charles Henry Block and he was born 19 Dec 1875 in Camden, Arkansas. He married Stella Inez Cox who was born in Brown County, Illinois in 1877 to Rhodes H. Cox (1858-1935) and Mary A. Rockwood (1857-1925). Charles and Stella were married by 1900 because they appeared on the 1900US Census  as a family living in St Louis, Missouri. May Rockwood (the maiden name of Stella’s mother) Block was born 24 Feb 1901 and Elinor Block was born in 1913. The family applied for passports in 1921 for travel to “British Isles, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy’ (here is the application for Charles H. Block).
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Charles A Bloom and Grace Rhine, my great grandparents

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Beginning with the 1920 US Census for Pine Bluff, Grace M. Bloom, enumerated as ‘widowed mother’ or the ‘head-of household’ with my grandparents, John R. Bloom and Emma Marie (Block) Bloom. Later, I found my grandfather, John Ryan Rhine Bloom, listed in the 1900 US Census for Pine Bluff, Read more…

Solomon Block big shot

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment
Solomon Block

Solomon Block

“….Solomon Block, one of the earliest Jewish settlers in Camden and the first president of the local congregation. As head of the local school board, Block fought off attempts to require bible reading in the public schools. Read more…