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Xmas break at Club Ozark

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Block clan 1950

Little Rock, Arkansas was ground zero for the Block family in the 1950s as all the children of Joseph & Fay Block (Raymond, Samuel, Emma, Lewis and Grace) lived there. During Christmas break, the great grandchildren, the Block family Baby Boomers, would flock to Little Rock.

3001 Ozark under construction

3001 Ozark under construction

The home of Em & Pappy was 3001 Ozark  (notice the Block family’s Little Rock Builders shed to the right in the photo) and it was directly across the street from the city’s water works. On Christmas Day, Em would give out the loot from her coin stash to her grandchildren. New Years Eve found us shooting off fireworks (firecrackers, Roman candles, cherry bombs) and rockets (some were bottle rockets) with the hope of  hitting the faraway water works building (I recall this happened once). Pappy made his famous egg nog with  more than enough bourbon for underage kids like me; Emma’s brother Lewis served a similar concoction to his grandchildren. Another highlight (low-light) was Pappy playing his mandolin (badly) and singing Abdul Abulbul Amir(also badly).
The Nashville contingent flew (often only the children) in a noisy twin engine Convair airliner in the day when meals were served and it was ‘cigarette smoking only’ in the front section of the cabin.


It was Island X for Mexican food, Wes Hall’s ‘Radar Range’ equipped  Minute Man (his menu here ) and we couldn’t get enough unhealthy barbeque and Fritos at The Shack.

The Shack

The Shack

“A Shack barbecue sandwich consisted of meat, cabbage and sauce on a bun,” he writes. “This is a Memphis sandwich. Memphis is the Mecca of the ‘slaw on barbecue’ religion, and the farther away you get from Memphis, the less it is found until you cross into Texas on the west or the Carolinas on the east, where it disappears altogether.

Minute Man menu

Minute Man menu

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