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Simon’s brother Smil-Lieb

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Smil Lieb Ghertner-from-wall-photo

Smil Lieb Ghertner

Natan Chiraru (Horenstein) & Anutza Hana (Ghertner) Chiraru

Natan Chiraru (Horenstein) & Anutza Hana (Ghertner) Chiraru

Smil Lieb Ghertner, born 1875 in Roman, Romania to Avram & Pescia Abramovici. As Simon Ghertner was also born in Roman, Romania in August 1882 to Avraham (another form of Avram or Abraham) and Pessie (likely the same name as Pescia). Smil and Fraga Frodel Cucosh had five children. Smil passed away in Targu’ Ocna, Romania, about 100 kilometers from Roman.

Smil-Lieb and Fraga’s five children
were all born in Romania and four for whom information is known emigrated to Israel where they were buried:

  1. Victor Fraga Ghertner (1896 – 1992)
  2. Anootza Chana Ghertner (1898 – 1990)
  3. Moritz Meir Ghertner (1900-??)
  4. Oscar Ghertner (1902 – 1983)
  5. Avraham Ghertner (1908 – 1988)
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