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Lynton Scharff lived where?

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Lynton in 1901

Lynton 'Pappy' Scharff in 1901

In 1900,  three year old Lynton “Pappy” Scharff lived in Jennings, Louisiana with Esther and Eduard, his parents.

Lynton "Pappy"Scharff in 1910 - Bar Mitzvah

Lynton "Pappy"Scharff in 1910 - Bar Mitzvah

In 1910, Lynton 13, and his father Eduard Scharff were boarders  in the home of Sigmund and Mabel  Brown in Matagorda, Texas; his mother Esther had died about 1906 of tuberculosis.

And in 1920, Lynton, recorded as ‘Scharff, L L’  (which were his initials) on the census rolls and his age was recorded as 22 (which is consistent with his birthdate in 1897), was a roomer in Houston, Texas. His first child, Eduard Lynton Scharff, was born in Houston in 1923.

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